From the day we started BarksBar, pets have always been our first priority.

Whether it was spending quality time napping the day away or going out on an adventure to explore the world, we always wanted to make sure our pets were taken care of and loved.  Pets are our motivation, our happiness, and our driving force to live our best lives and we wanted it to show. We always purchase the safest, most comfortable, and highest quality products for our family, why wouldn’t we do the same for our pets?

Each BarksBar product is planned and developed to the standard we would expect for our family and others. We believe that every pet owner deserves access to affordable products that meet their pets’ specific needs. Whether it is a comfy bed to sleep in or a seat cover to make a car ride that much more enjoyable, BarksBar’s goal is to make this possible by conveniently providing comfortable, functional and high-quality products.